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Skotlanninhirvikoirakerho ry. – the Scottish Deerhound Club of juhlalogoFinland

The Scottish Deerhound Club of Finland was founded in 1980 and we celebrated 35 year anniversary in 2015.

The purpose of the club is to give information about deerhound as a breed, to increase knowledge of the breed in general. We also help our members and their dogs in order to have better possibilities in different hobbies for example coursing and dog shows.

The club’s internet pages, works as the club’s official information channel, regarding the clubs functions, dog shows as well as lure and track coursing. Naturally the pages have information about the breed, breeders and puppies for interested visitors.

You can also find us on instagram and Facebook

* Here you find the latest information about puppies and litters

* And the list of Breeders is found here